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From Views to Conversions: Leveraging UGC Videos for Growth

Boost engagement and credibility with authentic video testimonials from real customers.

Join our experts on June 25, 2024 at 12 PM ET, to learn how Shoppable Videos can boost your website's conversion and engagement.

Eva Wang, Chief Growth Officer, Firework
Eva Wang
Chief Growth Officer, Firework
Tom Logan, Founder & CEO, Cohley
Tom Logan
Founder & CEO, Cohley
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Thought Leadership

Delve into the latest trends shaping the e-commerce landscape. We will highlight groundbreaking data and reports, focusing on the impact of authentic User-Generated Content (UGC) reviews across various industries, including consumer electronics, beauty, and fashion.

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Interactive Discussion

Join us for an engaging interactive discussion as we explore the most influential and disruptive trends, technologies, and phenomena in User-Generated Content (UGC). This session will highlight how brands can effectively leverage UGC to connect with customers.

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Open Q&A

Don't miss our Open Q&A session, where you can engage directly with industry experts. This is your chance to get answers to your burning questions about product development, creating new experiences, forging partnerships, and successfully bringing new products to market.

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